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William J. Sowders
God called Brother William J. Sowders to lead an association of churches that are called the Body of Christ. They are not an organized denomination. Rather, they are a voluntary association of churches and believers. Many of those churches go by the name of Gospel Assembly.

William Sowders was born in Louisville, Kentucky on September 13, 1879. After serving as a policeman, boat builder, and fisherman, he was converted from a rough life to a life of following Jesus Christ and, in 1913, received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost near Paducah, Kentucky. 
Shortly after receiving the Pentecostal experience, while working on a boat motor on the Ohio River, the Lord spoke to Bro. Sowders in an audible voice saying, “I want you to preach MY GOSPEL.” He was called of God to be a great teacher. Early in his ministry God began to reveal truths to him. These included truths about the Godhead, the beast, Babylon, water baptism, the number and qualifications of the Bride of Christ, and other doctrines. He had a tremendous revelation about staying outside of organized religion and manifesting the divine love of God, or the charity which is explained in                         1 Corinthians 13.

At the peak of his influence, it is estimated that Bro. William Sowders led a fellowship that consisted of 75,000 believers in 300 congregations in 31 states.

This man of God died on November 20, 1952. After his death factualism divided and splintered the movement he had led. Yet his vision remains. God called William Sowders to begin a work that will yet be completed. The Body of Christ will be healed.