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Marc Timothe Pierre
Born in the Northern part of Haiti, in Limbe in the mid-sixties, Marc is the third born in a family of four, three boys and one girl who is the oldest. His parents taught him the value of prayer, the necessity to read the Holy Bible, having personal contact with God, the necessity to be compassionate, faithful, good, kind, virtuous and helpful.
                                     Marc’s father, Pierre-Louis Pierre was a farmer and his mother a homemaker. They went to church and                                                  participated in church related activities and it became a part of their lives. Marc grew up and was raised in the faith in his Christian family. Until today, faith is an intrinsic part of his life as a Pastor. He attended “Les Freres de L’Instruction Chretienne” of Limbe. After his graduation from high school in Haiti, his parents sent him to Canada where he started his studies at the University of Ottawa and later on was transferred to St. John’s University in Queens, NY. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 1995 and continued with a Master Degree program in Theology.  Marc was privileged to have a mentor, a spiritual director and guide. His name was Rev. Dr. Sylvester Lorenzo Shannon, BD, MA, ThM, PhD, DD… with whom Marc shared his personal experiences as well as the quest of knowledge, the pursuit of excellence and the devotion to duty, the importance of hard work and the respect of others.   In his journey, Marc was fortunate enough to be hired through campus recruitment by Gruntal&Co., Inc. a national investment banking and brokerage firm that was based in New York City for over a century.

His matriculation in the financial industry eventually brought Marc to the rank of Associate Vice President, at Morgan Stanley managing over two hundred and fifty accounts for the firm.

In the year 2000, God led him to Houston, Texas for an intensive training under the tutelage of Rev. Billy Brown, one of the most respectable teachers of the Word of God.  Marc stated that the short time he spent under Bro. Brown’s ministry was like the 40 days Jesus spent with his disciples after his resurrection where their eyes were really opened. This brief and timely encounter prepared him for what was coming his way later on in life. Marc said that the Texan experience was needed to balance the 20 years of training he had received before he became the Pastor of Gospel Assembly-Queens.